The 5 Cutest Bloopers

Photographers always put their best foot forward. Showing an unedited or unflattering photo to your client is like Picasso showing off a sketch on a napkin. Not gonna happen. But in this post, I'm going to share with you 5 of my favorite and cutest bloopers. 

1. Because who wouldn't want this on their Christmas card?

2. After an hour and a half in the Miami sun, this would be my face too. 

3. Sometimes you just need to lay down and take a nap in the middle of church. Because, why not? 

4. Um. Who is that and why are they here. 

5. I'm just gonna stand here and look adorable while he plays with the props. 

Sometimes the cutest pictures don't contain a smile - but they can still make you smile.

Check out more pictures of the cutest munchkins I've photographed. 


Communion for Two + A Dash of Fun

I recently had the opportunity to photograph two of the loveliest, most fun little kids I've ever had in a photoshoot. I walked in there expecting to shoot a traditional Communion photoshoot and ended up with something so much greater! These kids were playing with each other & so willing to play in front of the camera, it made my job very easy (and fun!). Their mom, dad, and grandmother also joined us on the shoot and they were also more than willing to join in on the fun. Mom was behind me making faces with grandma and dad. It was difficult for me to contain my laughter! 

9 Years Later...

I've known Tasneem for 9 years going on 10. We met in 9th grade at Carrollton. I had just switched schools and was nervous to meet new people. Would I like them? Would they like me  ? I sat with a few girls for lunch on one of my first days there and made eye contact with 14-year old Tasneem. My first instinct was to contort my face and cross my eyes. Best friend status at first sight. She laughed so hard! It was my first real welcoming into a school that became my home for four years. 

  Tasy still has the same contagious laughter 9 years later. She has the enviable quality of making people feel at ease around her. It's no surprise that she's liked by anyone no matter what she does. A few months ago, she just strolled into my house without knocking or announcing her arrival. She just decided it would be totally cool to turn the doorknob and walk in like she owned the place. Who does that?! And my parents still call her my sister.

   She just turned 23 and still has the quirky & unique qualities that made me want to be her best friend at 14. Cheers to 23 and to many, many more. I love you.